Paladin/Champion Melee DPS

Because this spec has 3 different ‘Finishers’ those are still on the quick bar to be used as needed. This macro is used to get you close and get your points up to perform a finisher attack.

#show Mark of Inevitability
cast Path of the Raptor
cast Path of the Wind
(optional)cast Bull Rush
cast Mark of Inevitability
cast Turn the Blade
cast Rising Waterfall
cast Wrist Strike
cast Dual Strike

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Thursday, March 24th, 2011 Macros, Warrior 1 Comment

Reaver/Champion Ranged DoT Chain

Basically this macro kicks off the ability, Plague Bringer, that allows Reaver’s DOT to spread to 5 other enemies. Soul Sickness is next because its damage heals the Reaver. Since it is at the start of the marco whenever Plague Bringer is up it will kick it off. Followed by Soul Sickness which which will heal the reaver followed by the other DoTs to spread the DOTs around while Plague Bringer is still active. Good to use till you close with the enemy.

Optional: if you aren’t keeping up with the macro Bull Rush lets you know it’s time to melee!

#show Plague Bringer
cast Plague Bringer
cast Soul Sickness
cast Infestation
cast Necrotic Wounds
(optional)Bull Rush

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Champion/Paragon PvE Macro

Standard stuff to get you to 3 blades. Important: Debilitating Strike is worth it!

#show Inescapable Fury
cast Frenzied Strike
cast Inescapable Fury
cast Turn the Blade
cast Debilitating Strike
cast Rising Waterfall
cast Power Strike

Pops Proper Timing for a MONSTER Finisher.  If they’re under 30% it uses Deathblow if not Punishing Blow … if they’re still standing.

#show Proper Timing
cast Proper Timing
cast Deathblow
cast Punishing Blow
(AE option rather than Punishing Blow) cast Bladefury

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