Assassin/Bladedancer/Nightblade DPS Macro

This macro starts off with your stealth skills, Assassinate if your behind the target, Paralyzing Strike if your not, and Ebon Terror if your a distance away. It will then go to your Puncture when its off cooldown, and follow up Poison Malice (just figuring it in a rotation). Backstab will be cast when its off cooldown and your behind the target.

Foul Play is an optional one, it is just a preference, you can manually use Foul Play if you want :) ; it will go to Keen Strike, and Quick Strike after a Keen Strike is used, and if your not in melee range, it will use Fiery Spike. Seems to be the most part of your rotation. And while there are many different skills you can use in this macro that are not currently in it, you can use this from level 25 on, replacing things when you dont need/like them ;)

#show Puncture
cast Assassinate
cast Paralyzing Strike
cast Ebon Terror
cast Puncture
cast Poison Malice
cast Backstab
cast Foul Play
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike
cast Fiery Spike

Thanks to Jared for contributing this macro!

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Riftstalker/Bladedancer/Bard Tanking Macro

This is a general tanking / dps filler macro for a Riftstalker who is looking to maximize single target threat.

# show Precision Strike
cast Reprisal
cast Precision Strike
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike

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Bard/Nightblade Support & Ranged DPS

This is a button consolidation for support bards, 1 press gets as many combo points on the target as possible (given nothing on cooldown), and resorts to Cadence as a fallback / filler.

#show Riff
/cast Riff
/cast Power Chord
/cast Cadence

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 Macros, Rogue 2 Comments